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Professional Translations

When they can be useful

The choice of a professional translation over a machine translation is influenced by many factors, first and foremost the actual use of the text to be translated.

It can be useful both for large international companies that need to translate documents for the public in different branches, and more commonly for citizens who need a certified translation of their official documents.

Let’s take a look at some examples of professional translations:


– Legal documents: e.g. marriage, birth and divorce certificates to complete documentation in a language other than Italian at the registry office and vice versa if it is needed in a language other than Italian.

– Court documents: in the case of international litigation, a professional translation avoids language misunderstandings between the parties

– Medical records and documentation: The field of medicine uses specific terms more than any other. Professional translation serves to inform the doctor of your situation without any margin of doubt.

– Information documents: If you need to translate to complete a thesis or a leaflet for an apparatus, a medicine, etc., a professional translation will help you.

FOR BUSINESS (including SMEs):

– Website: especially in Switzerland, in addition to English it is recommended to have the website in the national languages, ensuring the same experience to any user.

– Business start-up: When you start your business there are many bureaucratic documents to prepare, and in some cases it is necessary to translate them into the national languages.

– Advertising and external communications: even BIG corporations like Pepsi & Co. have a history of mistranslations of marketing messages. These cases have come down to the present day, proving that an incorrect translation can have a major impact on your business.

These are just a few examples…Can you think of other uses for professional translations?

Let us know!