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Tickets for 3 classical music concerts in Ascona

The International Academy of Euphony is delighted to celebrate its last 10 years of pedagogical, artistic and musical activity by creating an extraordinary event, opening in Europe in October 2018 and continuing throughout the year 2019. The Eufonia Cycle will produce three concerts, dedicated to the sublime Inspiration of Frederyk Chopin, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven, with pianist DANIEL LEVY and the INTIME VOICES String Quartet. The Euphony Cycle is an international initiative aimed at spreading the educational, ethical, aesthetic and therapeutic value of Sound and Music for human beings of all ages, through Study Courses, Workshops, Publications, Master Classes, Concerts and Exhibitions. The Euphony Cycle was carried out in 2017 and in June and July 2018, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, receiving a unanimous enthusiastic reception from the public and scholars, from the press through articles and interviews, as well as a high impact radio broadcast.