scuoLaLingua settembre

TI Traduce incorporates a Lugano language school

The takeover of the Luganese language school ScuoLaLingua, which has been operating on the market for 20 years, has begun. The procedure will last the whole month of October.

Welcome now to all new colleagues and historical students!

“Last August, we learned that the historic Ticino language school ScuoLaLingua was to be closed,” says Andrea Maurin, “and so we took steps to save what could be saved. We absorbed the teachers and activated 15 courses in the first week alone. The students who had enrolled and were claiming credits are now attending lessons regularly, without losing their investment or having to change the teacher with whom they started their language course.

Everyone is happy, therefore, students and teachers who have found a new home and can continue their activities.

The teachers have thus joined the Interlangues Lugano team, merging into a group of almost twenty people.

The range of languages on offer (English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic) is truly vast, as are the types of courses offered (corporate, private, individual, group, exam preparation, etc.).