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TI Traduce celebrates diversity of speech

The role of women in entrepreneurship

At TI Traduce we believe in the importance of each word, in the strength of its meaning, in the beauty of the diversity of each language and culture in order to achieve excellence in each translated text. But that’s not all, TI Traduce is also an all-Ticino example of female entrepreneurship.

Lately we have been hearing talk of resilience to indicate the ability of all of us to withstand difficult times.

But what is resilience in the female professional sphere?

What is the role of women in Swiss management and entrepreneurship?

In an interesting interview with RSI, our Federica Guerra, head of TI Traduce and also a representative of the Business & Professional Women – BPW Ticino association, describes what has been done and what can still be improved to better celebrate female entrepreneurship in Switzerland.