History of a rebirth

The size of a drop in the ocean

Being a professional in your job does not only mean being experts in the sector, it also means putting your heart and passion into what you do.

We wanted to dedicate this article to support real Professionals.

They are the surgeons of GICAM, an association based in Lugano that aims to operate on the hands of those who need it most in the world.

Eva is a 9-year-old girl from Ghana, sold as a slave. Not happy with how she cleaned, she was forced to hold her hands in boiling water until they deformed and caused third degree burns.

She managed to escape and she was recovered by some relatives. She was put in contact with a doctor who gave her back the use of her hands thanks to the professionalism of the GICAM surgeons performing the operation in Locarno!

We thank the authorities and hospitals who have moved here in Ticino to help Eva and a special thanks to the doctors who made all this possible!

But this is only the beginning of Eva’s rebirth!

Help us support her future with the fundraising organized to make her study until university!

To support this cause, it is possible to make a donation to the GICAM association by indicating “Eva” in the description.

At the same website it is possible to support the association to ensure that Eva is not a drop in the ocean!

TI Traduce has been supporting the GICAM association for some time, and in her little one it made itself available to translate all the necessary texts.

Below is the video with the interview with Prof. Marco Lanzetta, hand surgeon, president of GICAM.