Ravo Lugano Palazzo dei Congressi 2018

Ravo in Lugano

We knew it….it was only a matter of time…

Finally Ravo will open the dispensers of his canisters in Ticino territory!

Thanks to the patronage of the municipality of Lugano and the commitment of the Events and Congress Division through the project AUL (Arte Urbana Lugano), we will be able to see Ravo at work live, from Monday 16 to Thursday 19 July. A canvas measuring 5 metres by 4 metres has been attached to the facade of the Palazzo dei Congressi and the Italian-Ticinese artist will transform it, as only he can, into something amazing…

The chosen subject is a detail of the famous painting by Pier Francesco Mola, “St. John in the desert” kept at the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica, Palazzo Barberini Rome.

On Tuesday evening at 9 p.m. at the Darsena, Parco Ciani in Lugano, Ravo will meet the public to talk about his project to recover classicism through the creation of the world’s largest open-air art gallery.

We at TI Traduce have been supporting the artist Andrea Ravo Mattoni since the beginning of this project, which began two years ago.

We believe that his is a very powerful form of communication, perhaps more powerful than words, which can tell the story of beauty and bring everyone closer to the wonderful world of art.