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In approaching the writing of a thesis, after defining the main theme and how to demonstrate it, an important part of the work is the search for information, in particular accredited external sources that support your argument. 

Therefore, in addition to citing the source, it is very often necessary to quote the relevant parts of the text in order to make your study easier to read. 

English is certainly the preferred language of academics, along with French and German.

Therefore, it is likely that some of the topics covered are in a language other than the one in which you are writing your thesis, and it is therefore necessary to translate them. 

In a thesis, it is essential that the text is as faithful as possible to the original language, so a simple machine translation could distort understanding, perhaps weakening the real message supporting the argument.

Therefore, relying on a translation by a native speaker can be of great help to your thesis, have you ever thought about it?