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Maybe not all temps know that….

The Temptraining training fund, to which most of the temporary agencies in the Canton of Ticino are affiliated, is financed on a monthly basis by contributions withheld from the temporary workers’ paychecks and supplemented by the employer.

This money is available to workers to support, often in full, training of their choice, including language training. Indeed, more and more loan staff in Ticino are being confronted with colleagues, clients and suppliers using English or German.

Over the years, we have trained several hundred temporary workers who have been able to benefit, almost always free of charge, from this opportunity reserved for them.

The conditions at the moment (first half of 2020) are extremely favourable: after just 176 hours of work, you are entitled to a contribution of CHF 1,000, which can rise to CHF 5,000 with a few more hours. This entitlement even lasts for up to 12 months after termination of the employment relationship with the agency.

If you would like to improve a language of your choice (German, English or French), there are various training options available, including online training.

Our secretarial service is available to provide any temporary worker, free of charge, with more information on how much they are entitled to, how to use the funds and how to prepare an application.