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Legalisation for China

Another complex file delivered today.

The Chinese partner of one of our clients asked for four translated and legalised documents: a passport, an ERC (extract from the commercial register), the articles of association and the company statutes. We were called in to unravel the skein of documents, procedures, stamps…. and of course, being our bread and butter, we started chewing….

We started by making photocopies of the documents and authenticating them through our notary public. We then went to the Court to have the notary’s signature recognised and then to the Chancellery to have the official’s signature recognised.

The Chinese translation of all the documents was carried out by one of our native speakers and then checked again by a colleague to ensure that everything had been translated and all the numerous numbers faithfully transcribed.

The next step was to take the documents to the State Chancellery in Bern for further endorsement.

The final act took place at the Chinese consulate, with the affixing of the official stamp that officially decreed the legal validity for use of the documents in China.

We would like to thank our client for the trust he placed in us, and all colleagues involved in various ways in the handling of this matter. See you next time!