International disputes?

We’ll help you!

Entering into litigation or legal proceedings is always a matter of concern.

There are many aspects to consider: the timeframe, the costs involved, the solvency of the other party and, of course, the real chances of winning. In short, you have to think about how much it pays to sue!

It becomes even more complicated when the opponent is of a different nationality from one’s own.

Not only will there probably be a need to involve experts in international law, but also from a more practical point of view, all documentation will have to be translated!

This practice creates much more bureaucracy and increases the risk of misunderstandings between the parties involved!

How to avoid the worst situation?

Communication is crucial. It can certainly help if everyone has correctly translated documentation that carries the same nuances of meaning from one language to another and thus avoids misunderstandings!

This is why it is preferable to use professional translators who have experience in the relevant field – one less problem to think about!