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Drinks with …..Fabio Salomoni

On the occasion of the end-of-year evening organised by ATST ODEC TICINO, whose secretariat we host, and HR TICINO, we managed to invite trainer and coach Fabio Salomoni to come to Ticino for the first time.

The topics he deals with exhaustively, the relationship between parents and children and the management of conflicts between men and women, seem to us very topical and transversal. Each of us is a parent and/or child and a partner in private life or in the world of work. Focusing on and becoming aware of certain absolutely natural mechanisms helps us to live better at all levels of our relationships, and in this Fabio is truly a great master.

The family sphere is one of the areas of translation we deal with on a daily basis, translating birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificates of residence, family status, inheritance certificates, international adoption procedures, school reports, qualifications, medical certificates and much more.

It is with pleasure that we have decided to sponsor this evening in which the speaker will talk to us about the meaning and importance of gift-giving, and as we have places available for our guests we are extending the invitation to those interested. To participate, simply send an email to amaurin@titraduce.ch.