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Professional Translations

When they can be useful The choice of a professional translation over a machine translation is influenced by many factors, first and foremost the actual use of the text to be translated. It can be useful both for large international companies that need to translate documents for the public in different branches, and more commonly …

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Traveling for health reasons

here are some tips! When you travel for health reasons, whether it’s a consultation from a specialist or a hospital stay, you have to think about many things and sometimes in a short time. Where stay? How long? Alone or accompanied? In addition to this, it is necessary to ensure maximum understanding of one’s clinical …

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History of a rebirth

The size of a drop in the ocean Being a professional in your job does not only mean being experts in the sector, it also means putting your heart and passion into what you do. We wanted to dedicate this article to support real Professionals. They are the surgeons of GICAM, an association based in …

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Need help with your dissertation?

We’ll help you! In approaching the writing of a thesis, after defining the main theme and how to demonstrate it, an important part of the work is the search for information, in particular accredited external sources that support your argument.  Therefore, in addition to citing the source, it is very often necessary to quote the …

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International disputes?

We’ll help you! Entering into litigation or legal proceedings is always a matter of concern. There are many aspects to consider: the timeframe, the costs involved, the solvency of the other party and, of course, the real chances of winning. In short, you have to think about how much it pays to sue! It becomes …

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The Art of Translation

We like to think of our translators as language artists. Just as a painter expresses feelings, shades of shadows, colours and emotions on his canvas, so our translators try to render all the nuances of meaning contained in the text to be translated by searching for the right words, the right combination of terms, adapting …

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Multilingual site

DO YOU WANT TO BE CLOSE TO YOUR CUSTOMER? START WITH A MULTILINGUAL SITE In order to be easily found by your customers, having a website is nowadays essential. Today, however, most websites are in one language only, or at most have an English version in addition to their mother tongue. This strategy is undoubtedly …

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